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“Boost!” Sales with Comprehensive Online Learning with Porter Henry (ATD Demo Day)

Published Tue Apr 30 2024


Everyone is exploring options for online blended learning these days. How do you make this purchase decision confidently and mitigate the risks of online training? This session will explore and pros and cons of blended learning and preview SalesAbility “Boost!”, a new sales training program for sales newbies and veterans alike. “Boost!” is based on years of validated customer research with over 70 top global sales organizations and, unlike many other programs, is easy and straightforward to administer. Join this session to: Discover why simpler yet comprehensive online sales training is the best option. Explore why selling your solution’s “total value” outweighs traditional product benefits training. Identify how and why cost-effective “Boost!” training is supported by Sales and Coaching Playbooks. Speaker: Will Voelkel, Senior Sales Consultant, Porter Henry & Company, Inc.

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