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Learning From Diversity & Inclusion Leaders: Prudential Financial and Pepsico


Tue Sep 02 2014


Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) is recognized as being a necessity to compete and thrive in today’s global, changing workplace and marketplace. Many organizations have discovered that putting the aspiration to create an inclusive environment into action is quite challenging. Join us for this interactive webinar, where we will explore two in-depth case examples: Prudential Financial, ranked number eight in the DiversityInc. Top 50, and PepsiCo, which has established innovative ways to reward and recognize individuals and teams who exemplify D&I. As a result of this webcast, participants will: \* learn how Prudential and PepsiCo establish priorities for D&I investments and obtain senior-level sponsorship \* discover how Prudential and PepsiCo engage employees at different levels in their respective organizations to get involved \* learn examples of “big wins” at Prudential in the workplace and marketplace \* learn how PepsiCo creates rewards and recognition programs to promote diversity best practices globally \* explore where PepsiCo and Prudential see D&I headed in the future.

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