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LXD (Learner eXperience Design): Using Design Maps for Active, Deep Learner Experiences


Mon May 07 2018


Are you a learning designer aiming to be among the pioneers who join the LX movement? Are you dreaming about design tools that help you be more learner centric? Are you willing to combine the science of learning with design-thinking methodologies in an agile mood for a memorable, transformative learner experience? Then this session is where you should be. It will help you use LXD design maps to create learning journeys that learners describe as interactive, deep, unique, effective, and customized. The maps will give you a holistic look into the learner experience, then dive into the deepest details of the learning program. These design maps will make you design learning programs with a journey style, with active and deep learning adventures that ensure different aspects of learner engagement and guarantee deep, sustainable impact and learning transfer.

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