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Make Onboarding Fun and Interactive With a Game-Based Learning Tool

Published Fri Feb 08 2019


Looking for a tool to increase engagement and create a competitive but fun atmosphere? So was this company, and after looking at several tools, they selected KAHOOT! The best part is, it's free---or, for a minimal fee, you can create a company account. The platform provides a gaming experience that can be used for small groups or groups around the globe. It is easy to set up and provides reporting and results. In this session, you'll play a fun KAHOOT that is utilized during onboarding at a real company. Come learn how to set up an account, create a KAHOOT, and explore some of the options available with your free account. This is not a case study, but an immersive learning experience! This session was recorded at the ATD 2019 TechKnowledge conference in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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