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Make Training a 'Want to' (Not a Have to)


Mon May 11 2020


Today's training has to be energizing, interactive, fun, and full of valuable content, too! But too many trainers still stand behind a podium-a 20th century practice. It's time for an update: this experience gives you the insight and tools to help design trainings that create lasting impact with your learners. Content is the loser here; because it's NOT about 'what' people learn. This is about becoming a context expert. Discover training practices that go against standard practice. Fill in the blank: Most trainings \_\_\_\_\_\_. If you said 'are boring,' 'are ineffective,' or 'suck,' then we are in total agreement and something has to change. Managers need to implement programs to drive engagement, retention, and performance. Human Resources and trainers need to meet goals to create results that last longer than a month. Employees need to be participate in what has become a dull and sometimes irrelevant lecture series. If you are tired or bored with ineffective training formats, let us help you discover a proven, disciplined approach to boost employee performance, leadership, and organizational culture from the training programs you deliver. This changes everything. This session was recorded for the ATD Virtual Conference, June 1 - 5, 2020.

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