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Mediocrity or Greatness? Transformational Leadership in an Incremental World


Mon Jun 16 2014


The world is changing so quickly that just being competent or improving incrementally isn’t sufficient for sustained success. Yet most organizations are satisfied with only getting a little better, consistently resisting more transformational initiatives. This webinar presents a proven, low risk, methodology for developing transformational leadership throughout an organization. Based on the recently published book, The Star Factor (written by the presenters), the webinar shows people how to discover the “wisdom” that makes star performers exceptional. This webinar will teach you to use the latest in the neuroscience of learning to develop others in your organization to think and act like the stars and transformational leaders. When everyone in an organization makes a significant leadership contribution, regardless of their place on the organization chart, the organizational safely makes significantly greater and more sustainable gains in engagement and performance than previously thought possible. The Star Factor methodology enables organizations to transcend incrementalism and achieve greatness.

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