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Modern Blended Learning: Managing the Experience (SU307)


Sun May 21 2017


Virtualization has resulted in being able to learn almost anywhere, any time, and in many ways. It's hard for even seasoned learning professionals to articulate all the aspects of modern blended learning. Techniques such as gamification and technologies such as virtual classrooms are often applied inconsistently. They're quickly adopted and discarded just as swiftly. Today's training professional is designer, developer, facilitator, and more. It is our job to deliver the right content to the right audience at the right time. We can't be experts at everything all at once. We need to be able to access the knowledge necessary to feel competent in discussing options, and we need flexible practice opportunities to master the skills we may have to implement at any given time. This session will provide you with the opportunity to explore five critical areas of concern, and develop confidence and competence as a modern blended learning designer

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