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Nurturing Creativity: Inspired by Blockbuster Creators in Entertainment


Tue May 23 2017


Supporting the learning needs of today's workforce demands creativity and innovation, but it can be difficult to produce imaginative recommendations for specific projects. Yet we all know people who seem able to consistently rise to creative challenges. Consider what Lin-Manuel Miranda achieved with the musical Hamilton, what Ed Catmull realized at Pixar, and what Twyla Tharp brought to the world of dance. Would that we could all have that kind of creative energy. So, how do they do it? In this session, we'll explore catalysts of creativity---the practices and techniques engaged by genius-level creators in the arts and by some of our own colleagues. The session has a practical side, with implementable research-based techniques; a fun side, sharing behind-the-scenes stories of ground-breaking acts of creation; and a skill-building side, with opportunity to engage in creativity-amplifying activities.

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