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Perpetual Venues: Extend ROI through Touch-Point Engagement and MicroLearning

Published Tue Apr 28 2015


The explosion of feature-rich, interactive, cloud-based meeting and conferencing technologies has already begun to restructure how organizations communicate and disseminate, study, and archive digital assets and data. With the use of webcams, audio and video streaming, and real-time file and information sharing becoming the norm within social channels, organizations feel pressure to keep up with their customers, partners, and workforce. With the rapid advancement of technology and the desire for more frequent, up-to-date, and convenient access to materials and people, perpetual venues have demonstrated tremendous potential as the next disruptive paradigm shift in online technology. In this webinar, Adam B. Arthur, director of the CDC’s Virtual Platform Initiative, will present a comprehensive road map for leaders, planners, technologists, acquisition professionals, educators, communicators, web pros, multimedia specialists, and advisors to execute these initiatives successfully. In this webinar, you will learn: \* how perpetual venues can replace or augment your websites and learning portals, breathing new life into your organization’s mission \* how perpetual venues can save you time and money while utilizing relevant people, processes, and infrastructure \* how touch-point engagement and microlearning will supercharge your public relations, user satisfaction, retention, performance, and top-of-mind penetration initiatives \* how you can make disruptive shifts less disrupting, avoiding costly mistakes and implementing positive changes.

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