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Seeing Is Understanding: How to Use Data Visualization to Make Training Stick


Thu Jan 25 2018


Whether using a back-of-the-napkin sketch or a sophisticated graphic, visualizations spark instant understanding of complex information. As today's trainers gather, track, and apply a growing amount of data in and about their learning sessions, the ability to create effective data visualizations to improve and understand the learner experience has become an essential part of the trainer's toolkit. In this session, the speaker will demonstrate how trainers can use data visualization to deliver assessment results, show learning progress, spot trends in participant feedback, and communicate results to key stakeholders. Using real-world examples of both numeric and text data, he will teach you basic principles of effective visualization, including how to use position, shape, color, and other creative design elements to create unique, memorable visuals that enhance the training experience. You'll leave this session inspired to try out visualization with your own data and well prepared with resources and a plan of action for doing so adeptly. This session was recorded at the ATD 2018 TechKnowledge conference in San Jose, California.

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