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Strategies for Decision Leadership


Mon Jun 15 2015


You’ve heard it said before: Delegation in management is a key to success. So why do many of us find it so difficult? Common excuses include: Some of us are perfectionists. \* We all have time constraints, and everyone knows that it takes longer to teach someone to do something than it would take for us to just do it ourselves. \* Sometimes we don’t have anyone logical to delegate to. \* We delegate once in a while, but not if the project is too important. Sound familiar? You don’t have to be a control freak to believe that things will go better if you do them yourself. In fact, 78 percent of personnel in major corporations believe that their boss, manager, or superior frequently prefers “to do something themselves instead of delegating.” But it’s not only about how smoothly the project goes—it’s also about improving the overall performance of your team. This webinar will help participants understand the importance of delegating frequently and effectively to improve team performance, use time more efficiently, and motivate and develop others. Participants will explore the individual and organizational barriers to effective delegation and learn a simple, proven four-step process for effective delegation. Participants will also learn time-tested strategies and techniques for delegating to reports with different communication patterns. Additionally, as part of a flipped learning experience, participants will receive an interactive workbook.

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