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Tactics to Move Superstar Employees to Rock-Star Supervisors (M311)


Mon May 22 2017


Do you know how your new supervisors and first-time managers feel when they officially become 'the boss'? Becoming a manager for the first time is one of the most stressful psychological shifts one can experience at work. Although it's a clear organizational imperative to develop them, research shows that almost 60 percent of first-time managers receive no training when they get promoted into a first-time leadership position. Developing a strong pipeline of talent begins with your frontline and first-time managers, and is a critical component to the success of every organization's business strategy. Through self-reflection, small-group discussion, and a real-time survey, you will explore the six key 'flips' new supervisors must make to be successful. By the end of the session you will have a checklist of action items and a toolkit of relevant content for turning your superstar employees into the bosses everyone wants to work for.

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