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TalentNext 2018 Keynote: An Unabashed Look at the Fierce Culture: Why It Works and How to Get There

Published Tue Dec 18 2018


You already have a strong workplace culture, you just might not recognize what it is. And when you take a deeper look at it, it may not be what you'd hoped for. Crafting a statement of your company's values is usually the first step-and sadly, the only step many organizations take, simply to check it off the list. A statement containing the usual suspects (integrity, mutual respect, and so on) simply won't cut it. You must define the culture you feel will best serve you and your customers, and then you must do what it takes to make it come alive in your organization. CEO and founder of Fierce, Susan Scott, will tell you what her company has done to create and sustain the culture that drives the behaviors and outcomes of Fierce Conversations.

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