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Tapping the Other 80 Percent: Accelerate Learning Through the Learner's Subconscious (M101)


Mon May 22 2017


Undoubtedly you have heard that we may only be using 20 percent of our brain's potential. So what about the other 80 percent? This session will show you how to tap into learners' subconscious by speaking beyond the conscious mind to get your message truly heard and understood. Responses of dead silence and blank stares will be a thing of the past. Your requests for involvement will now be met with an open sharing of input and ideas. Resistance and negative reactions in the classroom can be deflected and turned into a collaborative engagement of working toward solutions. The information and techniques in this session can be used in training, presentations, job interviews, meetings, and feedback sessions --- essentially, all work or personal situations in which you desire your message to be deliberate and memorable.

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