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The Next Frontier: Unleashing the Learner (TU106)


Tue May 23 2017


It's time to put more energy into developing and unleashing the learning skills and confidence of every individual in your business. Based on the speaker's newest book, this session proposes that the learner holds the keys to getting significant return on investment from learning. This session is about letting learners in on what we know about the brain, human development, and learning, and how to structure and manage the learning process. Then they can learn wherever they are-and they will be better team colleagues and coaches to others who cross their paths at work and in life. This session is about supporting learners as masters of their own process, whether they are learning on their own, with others in their life space, or in the programs and with the tools that you as a talent professional provide. You can unleash all these powers latent in learners. And it is time to do just that.

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