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Tim Slade and Amy Morrisey Answer Your Questions About Localizing Training Content

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Mon Jun 28 2021


In this video, Tim Slade and Amy Morrisey answer questions about localizing training content.

Questions answered in this video:


-“What considerations do you need to account for when localizing content for different cultures?” (3:46)

-“How can instructional designers better design learning experiences that can be localized in the future?” (7:16)

-“What are some of the technical considerations of localizing training content?” (12:28)

-“Are there some learning principles that hold steady across cultures and how do you validate that?” (18:24)

-“What are some of the unforeseen costs of using outside vendors or freelancers for localizing training content?” (21:05)


Connect with Tim Slade:

- Website: elearningacademy.io/

- LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/sladetim/

- Twitter: twitter.com/sladetim

Connect with Amy Morrisey:


- Website: artisanelearning.com/

- LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/amymorrisey/

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