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Tim Slade and Megan Torrance Answer Your Questions About xAPI

Published Wed Apr 28 2021


In this video, Tim Slade and Megan Torrance answer questions about xAPI. Questions answered in this video: -“How would you explain xAPI to a five-year-old?” (3:32) -“What are some examples of how xAPI data can improve the learner experience?” (10:49) -“What’s the most demanding task when implementing xAPI statements in order to identify performance gaps?” (21:12) -“What’s an easy way for someone to get started with xAPI?” (25:39) -“When does it not make sense to use xAPI?” (29:06) Connect with Tim Slade: - Website: elearningacademy.io/ - LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/sladetim/ - Twitter: twitter.com/sladetim Connect with Megan Torrance: - Website: torrancelearning.com/ - xAPI Cohort: xapicohort.com/ - LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/megantorrance/ - Twitter: https://twitter.com/MMTorrance Interested in submitting a question for a future video? Each month, we’ll solicit your questions on LinkedIn and Twitter around a common topic. You can submit your questions by posting on LinkedIn or Twitter with the #ATDAskATrainer hashtag. Check out the complete ATD Ask a Trainer advice column at td.org/ask-a-trainer.

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