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What the VP of Sales Needs From the Training Department

Published Wed Jan 20 2016


A well-trained sales organization is a crucial component of any successful business strategy. Ensuring that reps and managers have access to necessary ongoing training creates the need for a powerful bond between learning and development (L&D) and the vice president of sales. However, many times the relationship between sales leadership and the L&D department is challenged because the vice president of sales can't—or won't—identify what training the team needs to succeed. Consequently, the training department is left in the dark, wanting to contribute in a meaningful way but unable to because of a lack of clarity concerning gaps and challenge areas. In this webcast, The Brooks Group’s Paul Bilodeau will share deep insight and experience around how L&D and sales can come together to create sales excellence and increased top-line revenue. You’ll learn: -how to align training and development initiatives with the most critical sales metrics -what sales leaders secretly want and expect from their training departments, but rarely share with them -the best approaches to ensure your training team is viewed as strategic advisers -training department behaviors that drive sales VPs crazy—and how to avoid them.

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