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Where Does Microlearning Fit in Your Learning Ecosystem?


Wed Jan 24 2018


Microlearning is really hot, but what is it and where does it fit in your learning ecosystem? In this session, we'll start with a discussion about what microlearning is (and is not). Next, you'll apply a Microlearning Compatibility Assessment to identify whether a training program you're working on is a good fit for microlearning. Even if it doesn't seem to be the right approach initially, we'll discuss ways to modify your content and delivery approach so microlearning can be incorporated successfully. We'll share recommendations for designing effective microlearning (blog, infographic, interactive e-learning, or video), and you will create an outline for a piece of microlearning that will address the learning needs of your specific project. You'll leave this session knowing where microlearning fits into your training program and a clear outline for your first microlearning resource! This session was recorded at the ATD 2018 TechKnowledge conference in San Jose, California.

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