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"I wish I had taken this course a few years ago."


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Roberta Collins is a Learning Technologist for Landstar System who earned the ATD Articulate Storyline Certificate.

What was the format of your course? Live online

What motivated you to enroll in this ATD course?
I have been in a self-teaching mode for a long time. Mostly, I’ve been looking for free training here and there, and once I paid a tutor for a specific project. When the opportunity to earn a certificate was presented, I was determined to attend. After seeing that this was available online, it was a win-win situation that I could not pass up.

In what ways has this course contributed to your career and/or personal growth?
Personally, I went from feeling like a fish out of water to having a belief that my future work would be much improved. This course has given me the creative juices that I did not feel that I had. I understand triggers and variables much better than previously. It has boosted my confidence in my current role.

Would you recommend this course to others? If so, who and why?
I would definitely recommend this course to others who are seeking to use Articulate Storyline—whether they are a novice or a long-time user of the software. There are skills taught in this course that could change the way courses are created. I wish I had taken this course a few years ago.


How do you plan to apply the knowledge and skills acquired from this course in your personal or professional life?
I plan to apply the knowledge I acquired from this course in creating more targeted customer service training for our phone reps.

How did you initially become involved in the talent development field?
I started while serving in the United States Army as an instructor for new recruits coming into the communications programs. After leaving the military, I went to a local program for learning computer skills. After working in various departments in my current organization, I landed in a role where I facilitated MS Office training. The rest is history.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?
Get all the knowledge you can, as that is the one thing people cannot take from you.


Can you recommend a great book you have read recently?
Life Would Be Easy If It Weren't for Other People by Connie Podesta

What is your favorite hobby or pastime?
YouTube and I have a budding relationship. LOL!

What is the most unusual or unique job you have held?
I can’t think of anything unusual or unique. As a kid, I worked in fast food establishments. After I graduated from high school, I went to Job Corps and earned a certificate in residential wiring, then I was awarded a two-year scholarship. After 18 months in college, I decided to go into the Army, and the rest was history that landed me where I am today.

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