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Whether you are brand new to Articulate Storyline or already have some experience, this course will teach you everything you need to know to create an interactive, engaging e-learning course. Rather than just sitting back and watching, you will have the opportunity to build a complete 15-minute course in Storyline. Learn beginning, intermediate, and even a few advanced techniques and walk away with valuable reference guides so that you can continue to build courses on your own after the program.

The Articulate Storyline Certificate is a hands-on workshop that explores everything you need to know to immediately hit the ground running using Storyline to create cutting edge, interactive e-learning programs. Software programs can be intimating, but this certificate program takes the mystery out of using Storyline. You will quickly realize how easy—and fun—it is to use.  

Facilitated by experts in Storyline, with sample scenarios exclusive to ATD, you’ll take away the latest and most up-to-date steps, tips, and tricks for using Articulate Storyline. Leave this interactive workshop with a complete 15-minute course that you developed yourself using all the major features of Storyline.

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  • Dec 13-14, 2018
  • Jan 10-Feb 07, 2019
  • Feb 04-05, 2019
  • Mar 05-Apr 02, 2019
  • Mar 28-29, 2019
  • Apr 24-May 22, 2019
  • May 17-18, 2019
  • Jun 06-Jul 11, 2019
  • Jul 23-Aug 20, 2019
  • Aug 12-13, 2019
  • Sep 03-Oct 01, 2019
  • Sep 23-24, 2019
  • Oct 01-02, 2019
  • Oct 02-30, 2019
  • Nov 12-Dec 10, 2019
  • Dec 12-13, 2019
Course Information
Why You Should Attend?
  • Rapidly build e-learning modules using Articulate Storyline.
  • Customize your e-learning modules so they are interactive and engaging.
  • Integrate content rapidly and easily from other sources.
What to Expect?
  • Books: Receive a copy of E-Learning Uncovered: Articulate Storyline
  • Technical Requirements:
    Face-to-face and online programs: Make sure you have Articulate Storyline (a trial version is acceptable) installed on your computer prior to the start of the program. Storyline 360 is the latest version, but Storyline 2 or 3 will work as well. It is critical to have the most up-to-date browser on your computer. Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer are all recommended.
    Face-to-face programs: An up-to-date laptop computer (with wi-fi capability) is required. There will be no computers available on-site for participants.
    Online programs: The online version of this program is conducted in the WebEx Training Center. Special software is not required. You only need a standard web browser and telephone or VoIP capability to participate. In addition, it is strongly recommended to use a desktop or laptop computer as using a tablet or mobile device severely limits your ability to fully and actively participate in the program. Active participation is a completion requirement of ATD and includes, but is not limited to, participating in virtual classroom activities, discussions, breakout sessions, and intersession work.
Who Should Attend?

Although this workshop is most appropriate for beginners, you should have a foundational understanding of e-learning design and development practices. No prior experience with Articulate products is necessary. However, you must download a copy of Articulate Storyline on your computer. The trial version is acceptable.

ATD Education programs are designed primarily for learning professionals—trainers, instructional designers, and organizational development practitioners—but also greatly benefit anyone within an organization who is responsible for developing others, from managers to human resources specialists.

What Will I Learn?

After this program, you will be able to:

  • Build engaging slides with media including audio, video, and graphics.
  • Create interactive slides including click-to-reveal interactions, knowledge questions, and custom interactions using actions and variables.
  • Record your screen for sit-back-and-watch demonstrations or interactive practices.
  • Customize the player interface and incorporate custom navigation.
  • Publish your project, including publishing for mobile devices.
How Long Is This Course?

Face-to-Face: 2 days
Online: 5 sessions, 15 hours total
On-Site: Flexible dates & duration

Can I Earn Credit?

Earn 1.4 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) upon successfully completing this program.This program may be eligible for up to 14 CPLP recertification points for the face-to-face version and 15 CPLP recertification points for the online version. This program may be eligible for up to 14 APTD recertification points for the face-to-face version and 15 APTD recertification points for the online version. This program has been pre-approved for 14 (General) recertification credit hours toward PHR, SPHR, and GPHR recertification through the HR Certification Institute.

What Is The Attendance Policy?

Face-to-Face Courses
Participation in all originally scheduled days of the program is mandatory in order to receive the certificate of completion and 1.4 CEUs. Participants who miss more than two hours of the entire program will not be eligible to receive the certificate. Participants who fulfill the attendance requirement will receive a certificate at the end of the program.

Online Courses
Participation in all online sessions at their currently scheduled day and time is mandatory to receive a completion certificate and any applicable credits.

ATD requires active participation through the program to receive credit for the class. Active participation includes, but is not limited to, participating in virtual classroom activities, discussions, breakout sessions, and intersession work. Please note that using a tablet or mobile device severely limits your ability to fully and actively participate.

For programs with five or more sessions, one missed live session can be made up by listening to the session recording in full. Participants who miss more than one live session will not be eligible to receive the certificate. For programs with four or fewer sessions, attendance at all live sessions is required to receive a certificate. If you meet the eligibility requirements, a certificate will be issued to you through the ATD Learning Portal at the end of the program. All sessions will be recorded and available for participants to review throughout the program for your reference.

What Is The Cancellation Policy?

Click here to view our cancellation policy.

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What Participants Are Saying
"The program built logically from one tool to the next.  There was a week between sessions so that I had time to practice what I learned.  This made it easier during the next session to add to the skills that I had come a long ways towards mastering.  There is more work to do but this course really gave me a wonderful boost to a level of understanding and skills that working on my own would never have accomplished."
"Being able to move from "search and find" in my own self-learning to seeing the powerful tools the program offers under skilled instructors was well worth the cost of the program.  I feel that I can create great learning with the ability to add interactivity to every slide." 
"I'd never opened Articulate Storyline prior to attending this program. I left the course feeling confident and ready to start creating e-learning courses that utilize a majority of the program functionality."