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As the learning and development landscape continues to evolve, you are tasked with maximizing resources, while delivering quality learning solutions. This unique assessment-based program provides you with the opportunity to evaluate real-world projects, and work with expert facilitators to help you master the skills required to create formal and informal learning solutions. You'll benefit from peer collaboration and individualized feedback to reinforce your learning, and gain a customized toolkit of resources to use immediately back on the job.

Proving your ability will earn you the respected title of ATD Master Instructional Designer. Become a part of this exclusive group today.

Be properly prepared as the role of the instructional designer evolves and more is demanded of your talent and time. The ATD Master Instructional Designer Program covers the entire process of analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation of learning programs. In addition, this program explores new design models and techniques that align with emerging needs. The goal of the ATD Master Instructional Designer Program is to give you new approaches to instructional design with a focus on the latest and most effective techniques. Grounded in theory and focused on practice and application, this program will help you master your professional capacity for instructional design.

The ATD Master Instructional Designer Program is offered by the ATD Certification Institute.

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Course Information
Why You Should Attend?
  • Connect with a cohort of learning professionals.
  • Gain access to the ATD comprehensive guide to instructional design.
  • Receive the industry-recognized certificate—ATD Master Instructional Designer.
  • Experience three collaborative peer design evaluations.
  • Present your final learning project and gain individualized feedback and analysis.
  • Take home a robust participant guide, with tools, resources, and templates to use back on the job.
What to Expect?
  1. Engage in an online learning community.
  2. Participate in a three day face-to-face course to develop and demonstrate your mastery of instructional design.
  3. Select an elective course to meet a unique learning need.
  4. Refine and deliver your final learning project.

Online Sessions: Live online sessions will be conducted once a week for six weeks. Each session is three hours in length. You'll participate via the WebEx Training Center platform plus a teleconference for audio. Special software is not required. All you need is a standard web browser and a telephone to participate! In addition, it is strongly recommended to use a desktop or laptop computer as using a tablet or phone severely limits your ability to fully and actively participate in the program. Active participation includes, but is not limited to, participating in virtual classroom activities, discussions, breakout sessions, and intersession work

Who Should Attend?

This program is ideal for experienced talent development professionals who want to boost their competency, capability, and confidence in instructional design, including:

  • Those who are currently serving in an instructional design role and want to validate their expertise through a formal course of study.
  • Experienced learning professionals who have responsibility for developing programs and want to elevate their skills to a master level.
What Will I Learn?

After this program, you will be able to:

  • Conduct a needs assessment for learning programs that:
    • aligns organizational objectives and the learning opportunity
    • addresses target populations’ specific needs
    • identifies constraints and/or problems affecting design success
    • includes basic outcomes of the learning solution linked to business problems or opportunities.
  • Design learning solutions that reflect adult learning theories, and best address the needs of the learners and the organization through formal classroom training, blended learning, online learning, and informal approaches.
  • Use a collaborative approach with stakeholders (such as internal clients and subject matter experts) throughout a learning design project to:
    • plan and design the solution
    • select and/or create effective learning materials
    • establish sign-off and approval processes for each step of the design process.
  • Create complete learning solutions including:
    • measurable learning objectives
    • instructional content that reflects the diversity of the learners
    • a variety of learning methods and emerging technologies to reach learning outcomes.
    • Identify appropriate evaluation techniques and apply them to measure the impact of the learning solution.
How Long Is This Course?

This is a blended learning experience consisting of three parts: online Fundamentals, Core Course, and a Post-Course Learning Project. The Fundamentals section is completed two weeks prior to the program, the Core Course takes place over three days via an in-person training, and then you submit a required learning project within 8 weeks after the end of the Core Course.

Upon successful completion of the above components, participants will receive their ATD Master Instructional Designer certificate.

As part of the program, participants can take an elective course to further their knowledge in the instructional design field. The course can be selected from any ATD certificate program, not including the Master Series.

ATD estimates that it should take approximately three to four months to complete the entire program. However, you may have up to a year to complete the elective course.

Can I Earn Credit?

Earn 2.1 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) upon successfully completing this program.This program may be eligible for up to 21 CPLP recertification points. This program may be eligible for up to 21 APTD recertification point. This program has been pre-approved for 21 (General) recertification credit hours toward PHR, SPHR, and GPHR recertification through the HR Certification Institute. This program is valid for 21 PDCs for the SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP. For more information about certification or recertification, please visit

Where does the ATD Master Instructional Designer Program sit on the Stacked Framework?

All participants who successfully complete the program receive an ATD Master Instructional Designer™ certificate. Participants are also encouraged to note this achievement on their resume or CV. In addition, ATD will keep a roster of all participants who successfully complete the program. We encourage you to invite your employer or clients to contact the ATD Education Department to verify your participation and success.

Are there any prerequisites?

There are no prerequisites or materials required. However, three years or more experience with instructional design is highly recommended

Can I study prior to the Knowledge Test and Skill Demonstration?

Yes, during the Fundamentals you will have pre-work/reading, which will help prepare you not only for the Core Course, but for the Knowledge Test and Learning Project as well.

Participants will have an opportunity to retake the Knowledge Test as many times is necessary. However, you will only have one opportunity to resubmit your learning project design.

Knowledge Test
Participants will have the option to complete a make-up Knowledge Test as many times as needed to complete the test.

Learning Project
Participants will receive individualized feedback, and have an opportunity to resubmit the learning project within one month of the initial review.

What are the differences between ATD’s certificate programs, the ATD Master Instructional Designer program, and the Certified Professional in Learning and Performance® (CPLP®)?

The ATD Master Instructional Designer Program is an enhanced certificate program, based specifically on one Area of Expertise (AOE) in the ATD Competency Model, instructional design. This unique program is a combination of a learning solution development and assessment component; offering instructional guidance to participants needing to develop or strengthen their foundational mastery in delivering engaging and effective design. The ATD Master Instructional Designer Program is a great way for professionals to prove their ability in this one area of expertise.

The CPLP® is a comprehensive workplace learning and performance certification, based on all nine AOEs in the ATD Competency Model. CPLP® credentialing represents a level of professional achievement and competence. Just as important, achieving the credential demonstrates proficiency in support of learners and organizational performance and sets a standard of commitment to the learning and development profession. Becoming CPLP® certified makes you a leader as well as a role model in the learning and development community.

What Is The Attendance Policy?

Participation in all online sessions at their currently scheduled day and time is mandatory to receive a completion certificate and 2.1 CEUs.

ATD requires active participation in our online program to receive credit for the program Active participation includes, but is not limited to, participating in virtual classroom activities, discussions, breakout sessions, and intersession work.

For programs with five or more sessions, one missed live session can be made up by listening to the session recording in full. Participants who miss more than one live session will not be eligible to receive the certificate. For programs with four or fewer sessions, attendance at all live sessions is required to receive a certificate. If you meet the eligibility requirements, a certificate will be issued to you through the ATD Learning Portal at the end of the program. All sessions will be recorded and available for participants to review throughout the program.

What Is The Cancellation Policy?

Click here to view our cancellation policy.

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What Participants Are Saying
"I've had too many professional development experiences that over-promise and under-deliver. I've become really cautious of training programs because of this. Being new to ATD, I was very impressed by the level of detail on the program's website. The course objectives and expectations were spelled out clearly and thoroughly. I knew I'd be getting my money's worth because there was no shortage of information or detail when it came to what was involved in this course."
"I chose ATD because is is a leader in talent development and is well respected in my organization. The Instructor was knowledgeable, well prepared and kind."
"Lorimer was a fantastic instructor! I loved the opportunities to work with others in the class. It was a very engaging experience! ATD is recognized as the best in the industry."