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Independent Consultant (role)
Are You An Independent Consultant?

An independent consultant in the talent development profession helps teams and organizational leaders assess employee learning and performance gaps and recommends or creates solutions to address those gaps.

See the courses below to explore our recommended certificate programs for independent consultants below.

Core Courses
Adult Learners
Certificate Program
Consulting Skills Certificate
Certificate Program
Instructional Design Certificate
Certificate Program
Specialized Courses
Strategist/Leader & Advanced Courses
Build a Learning Plan for You or Your Team
There are three ways to get you on the right learning path for your goals.

Start with a self-assessment to measure your skills and knowledge against the Talent Development Capability Model™. Then build a personalized plan for your role. Recommendations include ATD courses, books, webinars, and more!

Call directly to receive a one-on-one consultation with one of our learning experts. Get advice on course selection and other ATD resources to support your professional growth.

We'll help you to assess your team's current talent development proficiency and create a customized plan to fill gaps and upskill with the best ATD resources.