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Certificate Program
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Learning Technologies Certificate

Maximize your talent development initiatives with the right technology and tools.

Integrate technology into your learning solutions using proven application approaches, practical models, templates, and a comprehensive process that considers learner and organizational needs.

Live Online
Live Online
Credits: CEU 1.4 MORE
Level: Capable
Role(s): Learning Technologist More
Language(s): English
Capability Area(s): Technology Application


Course Info

From learning management systems to virtual classroom platforms to e-learning tools, learning technologies big and small are essential for modern training initiatives. A learning technology ecosystem includes these platforms, tools, and more. We define the ecosystem as the various learning technologies and infrastructure used to execute an organization’s talent and development strategy.

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From learning management systems to virtual classroom platforms to e-learning tools, learning technologies big and small are essential for modern training initiatives. A learning technology ecosystem includes these platforms, tools, and more. We define the ecosystem as the various learning technologies and infrastructure used to execute an organization’s talent and development strategy.

We talk about learning technologies as an ecosystem because a singular tool or platform can rarely support all of an organization’s needs and its people. An array of choices is available to enhance your learning experiences. Thoughtfully integrating the right tools leads to greater knowledge acquisition and skills application on the job and overall positive outcomes for the learners.

This course will give you the knowledge and tools to source and evaluate learning technologies as well as the knowledge and skills you need to conceptualize a holistic learning technology ecosystem. We’ll explore e-learning and learning delivery software, data standards, user experience design, extended reality, artificial intelligence, and accessibility considerations. This program will provide you with access to ATD-exclusive templates and tools you can apply immediately to develop your own learning technology ecosystem architecture.

This certificate aligns with the technology application capability of the Talent Development Capability Model™, which serves as the foundation for ATD Certification Institute’s master programs and APTD® and CPTD® certifications.

Why You Should Attend:

  • Discover common practices and approaches for identifying, selecting, implementing, and maintaining learning technologies that will enhance your learning and talent strategies.
  • Get techniques for assessing, defining, and articulating technology requirements.
  • Learn how to configure and support a learning technology ecosystem that meets your organization’s needs along with its talent development goals.
  • Become a valued learning tech resource for your organization or the organizations you support.
  • Earn an industry-recognized certificate, continuing education credits, and an ATD digital badge to share with your networks.

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What You Will Learn
  • Conduct a learning technology assessment.
  • Articulate standards necessary to adopt learning technology.
  • Determine how to effectively evaluate and select e-learning software tools.
  • Articulate accessibility standards used when creating learning experiences.
  • Describe components of learning technology usability tests.
  • Describe common data standards and how they are used in the learning ecosystem.
  • Examine considerations of using advanced learning technologies including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Extended Reality (XR), and social media platforms.
  • Integrate the benefits of leveraging principles of UI/UX.
  • Determine your level of future readiness in leveraging effective learning technology ecosystems.
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The Complex World of Emerging Learning Technologies and Tools

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Identifying and Articulating Technology System Requirements
  • Organizational Needs Assessment and Learning Architecture
  • Key Considerations for Identifying and Articulating Technology System Requirements
Evaluating and Selecting E-Learning Software Tools
  • Consider Key Factors
  • Create, Deliver, and Measure Content With E-Learning Tools
  • Evaluating and Selecting Software Tools
Selecting and Implementing Learning Technologies
  • Assess the Need for Technology
  • Consider the Purpose and Value of Technology
Creating Accessible Learning Experiences
  • ADA, Section 508, and WCAG
  • The POUR Framework
  • Testing Learning Experiences With Assistive Technologies
Methods and Techniques for Testing Learning Technologies
  • Identify Success Criteria Factors
  • Review Components of Usability and Functional Tests
Principles of User Interface Design
  • The Fine Line Between UI and UX
  • The Role of Design Thinking in UI
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Extended Reality for Learning Professionals
  • Artificial Intelligence and Extended Reality
  • Considerations for Your Learning Ecosystem
Leveraging Social Media for Learning
  • Explore Social Theories and Necessary Skill Sets
  • Examine Social Media for Talent Development
  • Navigating Legal and Social Media Considerations
Administering a Learning Technology Ecosystem
  • Key Considerations for Strategy
Who Should Attend

This is the technology program for learning and talent development professionals. It was developed for participants and teams new to learning technologies or for those who want to gain a comprehensive skill set for evaluating, developing, maintaining, and improving learning technology systems and tools. This may include training coordinators and managers, instructional designers, independent consultants, trainers and facilitators, and other roles with responsibility for leading, influencing, or supporting a learning tech stack.

Level: Capable
Roles: Learning Technologist, Instructional Designer, Talent Development Manager
Language: English
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    01:30 PM - 05:00 PM
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  • Aug 13-22, 2024
    09:00 AM - 12:30 PM
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  • Oct 22-31, 2024
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Things to Know


Participation in all originally scheduled days of the program, including both face-to-face and live online formats, and completion of all coursework and a program evaluation are mandatory to receive the certificate of completion and continuing education credits.

Face-to-Face Programs:
Participants who miss more than two hours of the entire program will not be eligible to receive the certificate.

Live Online Programs:
ATD requires active participation throughout the program to receive credit. Active participation in live online sessions includes, but is not limited to, participating in virtual classroom activities, discussions, breakout sessions, and intersession work.

Make-up policy: You can miss and make up one session* by listening to a session recording. Instructions for reporting make-up sessions are posted on ATD’s learning platform.

*For full-day sessions, you can only miss up to 3.5 hours and make up the time by listening to the recording.


14.0 learning hours

1.4 CEUs awarded

This program is eligible for 14.0 professional development hours or recertification points from the ATD Certification Institute (ATD CI) for the APTD or CPTD credential.

This program has been approved for 14.0 (General) recertification credit hours toward PHR, SPHR, and GPHR recertification through the HR Certification Institute.

This program is valid for 14.0 PDCs for the SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP. For more information about certification or recertification, please visit


A laptop computer with Wi-Fi capability is required to participate in ATD Programs.

Face-to-Face Program Components (if applicable):
Please do not bring mobile devices (for example, phones or tablets) instead of a laptop. There will be no computers available on-site for participants. Note: You might not have an optimal experience using Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge to access your courses. Chrome is the recommended browser.

Live Online Program Components (if applicable):
You must log in to the learning platform to access course content and to join all live online sessions. Special software is not required. You only need a standard web browser and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) capability to participate. Please join your session from a location with a strong internet connection and plan to use VoIP for your audio during the entire session.


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