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✔ Follow a proven instructional design process from start to finish.
✔ Apply the principles of adult learning to your course designs.
✔ Employ best practices in any setting, from the traditional to the virtual classroom.

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Instructional Design

Learning Principles

Different Learning Environments

Who are instructional designers and what do they do? Learn the skills to advance in this growing field.
What Our Participants are Saying
"This program gives so many great tips on how to tweak designs that are fast and simple.  During this program, I was able to use Benjamin Bloom's...
"Taking this course was like having a new door, that you didn't even know existed, opened for you. I'm now able to look at our past e-learning courses, as...
"The course challenged my past knowledge and made me realize how much more room I had to improve. There were so many takeaways, from how to start the...
"The program provides a very structured and interactive learning environment for an e-learning course. You could tell the instructor, Karin Rex, was very...

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