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Our Mission

At ATD Education, our mission is to increase the capability of talent professionals to develop themselves, develop others, and develop organizations. Our learning resources and experiences are designed with three goals in mind. 

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Develop Individuals

You help others reach their potential. Let us help you reach yours. We have the community, tools, resources, courses, and credentials you need. 

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Develop Teams

Backed by research, our learning resources define what your talent development team needs to know and do to be successful today and tomorrow. 

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Develop Organizations

Our research shows that when TD professionals partner with other areas of the business to develop their workforce, the results are significant. 

Our Brand Promise

No matter what type of course or format you choose, the ATD Education learning experience delivers:

Our Content

The Talent Development Capability Model, based on research from more than 3,000 talent practitioners globally, is at the heart of every ATD Education learning experience. We design, develop, and facilitate our courses according to the model—while continuously keeping an eye toward emerging practices.


Our extensive collection of courses is aligned to the 23 capabilities in the Talent Development Capability Model. Each capability is broken down into a set of skills required to master that capability. The model serves as a map for your career journey—making it easy for you to identify and build the skills you need to be successful in your role and grow in your career.

Learning Proficiency Levels 

Whether you’re new to the talent profession, midway through your TD career, or navigating the demands of senior leadership, ATD has the community, tools, resources, courses, and certifications you need to upskill yourself or your team. 
We see your learning progression in five stages:  

1. Exploring

The Exploring level is a great place to start if you possess little knowledge and little to no skill on the topic. For content at this level, check out ATD's Micro Course Library.

2. Informed

Resources at the Informed level will give you general, conceptual knowledge or awareness of a topic. Many of our on demand courses are at the Informed level.

3. Capable

At the Capable level, you will be able to apply knowledge of a topic and perform related skills consistently. Search certificate programs to find content at the Capable level.

4. Advanced

With Advanced resources, you will be able to apply in-depth knowledge of a topic and perform related skills consistently and accurately, as well as lead or direct others in performing skills. ATD Master Programs are advanced and require 3-5 years of experience.

5. Strategic Leader

At the Strategic Leader level, you will be able to apply comprehensive knowledge of a topic, provide expert advice, lead others and make sound judgments, as well as provide consultation and leadership to others in the form of this skill. 

Each proficiency level refers to proficiency in a specific Talent Development Capability area. Each learning resource is aligned to one of these levels, making it easy for you find the best fit for your current needs. 

Our Programs

You’ve come to ATD for professional development. Now, build your talent development credentials. We offer a variety of learning options to help you continue to build your skills and validate your knowledge throughout your career.

On Demand Courses 

Certificate Programs

ATD Master Programs 

Certification Preparation

APTD® /CPTD® Certification 


2 -3 years experience

Experience and professional development requirements*


On Demand 

Live Online 



On Demand 

Certification Exam 

Learning Hours 

30-90 minutes 

14–21 hours 

28 hours 

28 hours 





Informed (APTD) 

Advanced (CPTD) 

















Letter of Completion

ATD Program Certificate 

Digital Badge 

ATD Designation

Program Certificate 

Digital Badge 

Letter of Completion

APTD / CPTD Credential 


Templates & Tools  

Reference Manual


Templates & Tools 

Project Feedback 

 Reference Manual


Templates & Tools

Project feedback

Capability Rubric

Exam Study Tools

Industry-recognized Credential 

3-year Recertification 

* Learn more at td.org/certification

Ways to Get Started


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Courses covering the full spectrum of talent development topics, offered face-to-face, live online, and on demand. 

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Team Training

Group training options for in-person and virtual teams. 

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Courses in the Middle East, Japan, China, India, and other countries in multiple languages through approved ATD providers.

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