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Embedding Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion into Chapter Administration and Operations

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Resources
We want chapters to use DEI as a lens to view chapter operations. Think about why DEI should be a priority for your chapter. Our chapters represent a diverse group of talent development professionals with different perspectives and needs. When we address these in our chapter operations to give everyone a voice, we are able to make a positive impact that helps create a world that works better. Get on the same page with terms of the matter and how they are defined.
Diversity - Understanding and appreciating differences and promoting “bringing our full selves to work.”
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    Board of Directors: List the ways your board is representative of your community.

    Governance: List the policies and bylaws that support and encourage different viewpoints and create an environment where everyone feels accepted and contributes fully.

    Finance: How do you reflect diversity in your sponsorships and partnerships?

    Membership: How do you gain awareness of the diversity of your membership?

    Communication: How are your visuals representative of your community?

    Programming: How do you incorporate DEI within your programming calendar?
Equity - Promoting justice, impartiality, and fairness within the procedures, processes, and distribution of resources by institutions or systems.
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    Board of Directors: What steps do you take to minimize bias in board decisions?

    Governance: How do you recognize your membership needs in your chapter's operating plan?

    Finance: How are you removing barriers to entry?

    Membership: How are you leveraging strategies for DEI that can potentially lead to more revenue to help support the membership?

    Communication: Have you asked members for their pronouns?

    Programming: What steps are you taking to ensure that accessibility is available for chapter members and guests at events?
Inclusion - Purposeful practice of encouraging different viewpoints and creating an environment where everyone feels accepted and contributes fully.
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    Board of Directors: How is the board using a DEI lens for decision making?

    Governance: Are you inclusive of all voices when making policy and bylaw decisions? If so, how?

    Finance: What are you doing to identify the accessibility needs of your membership in your expenditures and budget planning?

    Membership: What steps are you taking to welcome and appreciate membership diversity?

    Communication: What methods are you using to communicate with members and potential members (such as alt text)?

    Programming: What steps are you taking to ensure that your invited speakers are embracing DEI?
ATD Resources
ATD has pulled together some of our best D&I content to help you create a world that works better! Explore these blog posts, articles , webinars, and more to help you create a diverse workplace culture that welcomes the differences of all people, and creates an environment of learning and encourages sensitivity.