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529947817_Events_Asset 26_TK_640x189.jpg January 25-28 | VIRTUAL

ATD TechKnowledge

We're all exploring new ways of working, learning, teaching, and connecting virtually. How are your virtual programs standing up after a year like this?

529947817_Events_Asset 27_ICE21_640x189.jpg August 29 - September 1

ATD International Conference & EXPO

This is the world's largest, most comprehensive talent development conference. Explore the 3 ways you can attend in 2021!

ATD Global Events

ATD global events are located throughout the world, supporting a global community for learning and HRD professionals.

EVENTS_ORGDEV.jpg March 22-24 | Virtual

ATD OrgDev

Walk away with innovative methods to onboard new employees and leaders, leverage coaching as a developmental tool, and manage the ever-increasing rate of change in today’s workplace.

529947817_Events_Asset 29_GovWF_640x289.jpg May 25-27, 2021

ATD Government Workforce

Through interactive sessions and panel discussions, this event will focus on leadership development, employee engagement and learning and development innovations within the public sector.

SELL MWS 2020 October 11-13, 2021


ATD’s annual SELL conference is designed to focus on the two most important levers within sales enablement—learning and leadership.

EVENTS_CORE4.jpg November 15-17, 2021

ATD Core 4

Covering the foundations of the L&D industry, this intimate event offers access to expert speakers and peers from around the industry.

529947817_Events_Asset 32_Yale_640x289.jpg June 8-17, 2021

ATD-Yale Management Excellence Certificate

This intensive program integrates ATD’s research-based ACCEL skills model with Yale’s superior management training approach to provide you the ultimate management development experience.

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Connections – ATD events are the best way to stay on top of the latest trends that work.

Quality – Experience the best and most in-depth conference sessions in the profession.

Cost Savings – Capitalize on lower rates for teams of five or more.

Engaged Employees – Employees who receive professional development are more motivated.

Networking – Network and exchange ideas with learning professionals from around the world.

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