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Download our brochure to learn more about ATD's two exclusive memberships, designed exclusively for Talent Development professionals at the senior manager level or higher.

ATD Forum membership has a 30-year legacy as a premier consortium for senior TD leaders, managers, and strategists. Forum members explore solutions to difficult challenges, uncover new opportunities to create more organizational impact, and benchmark efforts against award-winning organizations.

CTDO Next is ATD’s elite membership for forward-thinking TD executives who are interested in tackling not only the issues of now, but the issues of next. Members of CTDO Next are thought leaders driving the profession forward. The group takes a think-tank approach to exploring transformations in the field, including their implications and outcomes. This is what future-forward leadership looks like.

This brochure outlines the mission, benefits, and differences between ATD Forum and CTDO Next to help you determine which membership is the best fit for you and your organization.

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