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Upcoming ATD Conferences & Events

The brightest minds in talent development come together to give you conference experiences that are diverse in education, solutions, and opportunities.
ATD Intensive August 15, 22 & 29, 2024

ATD Intensive

ATD Intensive is an innovative virtual event designed to take a closer look into AI within L&D through a comprehensive and in-depth exploration.

529947817_Events_Asset 29_GovWF_640x289.jpg September 5, 2024

ATD Government Workforce

Designed to share human capital and talent development best practices, with an emphasis on practical application and implementation across government agencies.

1079569063_Core4ΓÇó23DC_Social&TD.org_GFX_R3_Content_Card_1334x730-18.png September 16–18, 2024

ATD Core4

Attend Core4 in Phoenix, Arizona to learn how to design meaningful solutions that create richer learning experiences and deliver stronger results.

529947817_Events_GFX_For_New_TD.org_2023_AccessibleUpd_640x350.png October 7–9, 2024

ATD OrgDev

Join us in Atlanta, Georgia to learn from leading experts about how to create a more inclusive culture, build talent retention, and create an engaged workforce.

SELL MWS 2020 October 28–30, 2024


ATD SELL provides you with strategies, content, and plans using the ATD Developing Sales Capability Model.

1079569063_Core4ΓÇó23DC_Social&TD.org_GFX_R3_Content_Card_1334x730-18.png December 3–5, 2024

ATD Core4

Attend Core4 Virtual to learn how to design meaningful solutions that create richer learning experiences and deliver stronger results.

ATD TechKnowledge

An immersive experience that blends learning and technology to discover innovative approaches to L&D with the learner in mind.

ATD International Conference & EXPO

This is the world's largest, most comprehensive talent development conference. Join the global community of L&D professionals in one place.

ATD Global Events

ATD global events are located throughout the world, supporting a global community for learning and HRD professionals.

What Our Conference Attendees Say

ATD Virtual Conference Attendee
"The on-demand aspect was marvelous! I was able to watch sessions, download the resources, and take notes all from the comfort of my home office. I was less rushed as I didn't have to run from session to session hoping I would find the room before the seating in the session was filled. When I learned the conference was online, I was disappointed, but by the end of the first day I was totally "converted" to the online format. I absolutely love the flexible on-demand format. Thank you ATD!"
ATD Virtual Conference Attendee
"I loved this conference. It was my first time attending so I can't compare to an in-person event but the networking opportunities and the chat function that was available during the sessions was truly appreciated. Not only was I learning from the session speakers but I was learning from colleagues in the field and establishing connections with like-minded individuals that were as passionate about what we were here for as I was. I'm a wallflower so this opportunity would not have been the same for me in a social (in-person) setting. I absolutely would love to attend an in-person session as well. I just feel that this virtual setting opened the door to a unique opportunity I probably would never have dared enter had it been live and in-person."
ATD Virtual Conference Attendee
"It was amazing!! The live sessions were so good and I am still working through the On Demand sessions. Such a wealth of content! Plus, the interactions with other in the Chat screens provided a lot of networking. I have linked to many of them already in LinkedIn, joined a book club group, and another group discussing virtual training. I think I did more networking with the virtual format than I usually do in person!"
ATD 2019 Attendee
"I have attended this multiple times and it keeps getting better."

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