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3 Customer Service Tips When Working Remotely

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Customer service is the backbone of business and directly correlates to sales, repeat customers, and retention. With so many companies allowing people to work remotely for the first time, it is important to maintain the same level of customer service. Communicating with customers via phone or email presents certain challenges that workers may not be prepared for. Here are some tips to help maintain high levels of customer service while employees telecommute.

1. Speak Clearly and Concisely

When communicating via phone (or email), it is important to ensure that the customer understands all the information you are trying convey. When speaking on the phone, use a clear speaking voice that is easy to understand. It is also important to deliver the information in a concise manner. Preparing for the call is a great way to get your thoughts together so you can give the information necessary in an easily understood way.


2. Check Your Tone of Voice

While preparing what you are going to say is important, it is also important to think about your tone in emails and phone calls. A lot of how a person interprets your emotions in these communications is through your verbal tone. If your tone sounds bored, rude, or sarcastic, the customer will be able to tell. Because this is one of the major factors in telecommunication, it is important to keep your tone professional and friendly to ensure excellent customer service.


3. Use Alternatives to Nonverbal Cues

When communicating with customers, body language is important. People usually give a head nod, smile, or a number of different nonverbal cues to communicate effectively. With telecommuting, these cues are impossible, so you must be sure to communicate everything you are trying to say verbally. This lends back to the first two tips of making sure you are speaking clearly and having a positive and professional tone of voice to ensure the customer understands the information you are sharing.

About the Author

Kirsten Killion joined the ICPM staff in June 2018. She holds a BA degree from Christopher Newport University in Sociology and graduated from the President’s Leadership Program with a minor in Leadership. She has an extensive customer service background and serves as the Certification Specialist at ICPM. She serves as the main point of contact for customer inquiries and customer service. She is also responsible for processing recertification, order fulfillment, processing applications, and grading exams.

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