8 Ways to Add Mobile and Social Learning to the Virtual Learning Mix


If you are delivering training in the face-to-face or virtual classroom, think about reinforcing the key skills and behaviors you want your participants to use on the job with mobile and social learning modalities. Research consistently confirms that learners forget up to 85 percent of what they learned in the classroom within a week of the training event unless there is a reason to recall it.  


So, consider it your job to give them a reason to recall and apply it within that critical week. Here are some ideas to prepare learners and reinforce learning transfer and application.  

  1. Prior to the instructor-led training experience, create a Yammer group for a specific course and invite the course participants to join.
  2. Before the training, ask them to answer two thought-provoking questions related to the content in a Yammer Note or in the discussion feed.
  3. After the instructor-led training, post a case study or problem in a Yammer Note and invite collaborative feedback.
  4. Follow up after the training by sharing a downloadable application worksheet; ask every participant to complete it to describe how they have applied their skills on the job. Ask them to include their name in the worksheet title so they get credit when they upload their worksheets to the course group.
  5. Award prizes for "best application example" or "most positive on-the-job impact."
  6. Consider posting quick cases or problems via the instant messenger feature. Offer prizes to the first three participants who correctly solve the case or problem.
  7. Encourage participants to create their own notes in the course group if they have specific work-related questions they would like their colleagues to discuss.
  8. Consider limiting the amount of time a course group is active to a few weeks or months.
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