9 1/2 Secrets Successful People Use to Get the Most From Their Time, Life, and Career Secret 9: Imitate the Champions

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

High school basketball players all over the world look for an opportunity to be coached by Coach K. Why? Because they know that playing for an outstanding coach like Coach Krzyzewski is the surest way to develop their full potential and become a champion.

This is true beyond just basketball. Consider any sport: football, soccer, tennis, golf, and so on. Players look for an outstanding coach because they know that it gives them the best chance of reaching their full potential and becoming a champion.

The desire to be motivated, taught, and directed by an outstanding coach does not stop with sports. Consider playing a musical instrument, singing, even finance or being a TV star. The surest and most cost-effective way to become a champion is to have a coach.

Because getting the most from your time is a human skill, just like playing a sport or a musical instrument, the surest and most cost-effective way to excel in professional and personal life is having a personal coach. A coach who is trained in implementing Aligned Thinking will guide you to live a more productive, fulfilling life.

A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

The creator of Aligned Thinking coaching, Jim Steffen, is offering a free 30-minute coaching session to ATD members only. What can you expect from those 30 minutes? You’ll:

  • Formulate a crystal-clear vision of how to get the most from your time and life.
  • Uncover hidden challenges that can sabotage your success, like not knowing what you really want or how to figure it out.
  • Leave the session renewed, re-energized, and inspired to get the most from your time and live a more productive, fulfilling life.

To take advantage of this offer: Email Coach Jim at In the subject, put “Free 30 Minute Coaching Session.” In the body of the message include:

First and Last name



Best time to contact you

You will receive an email setting up your free coaching session within one work day. Or, you can call Coach Jim Steffen at 203.740.8400.

With many of the vicissitudes of life, it is understandable that some—maybe many—people don’t feel like a champion. A quick way to feel like a champion is to start on a path to reach your full potential. Accepting this offer for a free coaching session is an excellent way to start.

About the Author
Jim Steffen founded SSA International in 1974. He wrote the international bestseller Aligned Thinking: Make Every Moment Count. He would be glad to offer you the opportunity to become a Certified Trainer/Coach, learn the Aligned Thinking Secrets, and teach it to your clients; the program is free if you are an ATD member. For details, visit or contact him at
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