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A Coaching Case Study: Facilitating Learning and Results

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

This post is the last in a series about coaching competencies. It examines how a professional coach creates self-awareness in a client, helps him with planning and goal-setting, and serves as an accountability partner. To see the previous post in this series, click here.

Because Marie had helped her client, David, explore his goals in all areas of his life, he was more fully aware of how his thought processes and actions influenced those goals. In their previous session, Marie and David had created an action plan to help David achieve what he wanted, both personally and professionally.

David then chose his top priorities to work on with his coach. Marie asked him about the barriers to his goals, how he would move past those roadblocks, and what resources he could use. After careful reflection, David realized that his own habits got in the way. Sometimes he was so busy that he forgot to even think about what he wanted to change. In exploring how to move past these challenges, David and Marie discussed what it takes to transform one’s thinking and habits. Marie provided David with tools that would support him in this change process.


In ongoing coaching sessions, Marie partnered with David to develop his long-term strategy, goal setting, and planning. David began designing his specific action steps for moving forward.

During each coaching session, Marie checked with David on his progress. She served as his accountability partner by asking him about how his progress affected him and any adjustments he wanted to make moving forward. Through this approach, Marie facilitated the learning process for David, and helped him achieve the results he wanted.

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Cathy Liska is the founder and CEO of the Center for Coaching Certification and the Center for Coaching Solutions. As the Guide from the Side, she is recognized among the best internationally in training, speaking, coaching, mediation, and consulting. Cathy has presented, trained, and facilitated thousands of events, workshops, certification courses, and organizational retreats, freely sharing from her 20 years of experience in business ownership and management. Cathy serves as a Certified Master Coach and certifies others to coach in her ICF-approved program. Cathy’s personal mission statement is “People.” Cathy is known for her passion in sharing the insight, experience, positive attitude, and information that empower others to achieve the results they desire;

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