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A Solid Foundation Today Ensures Your Professional Relevance Tomorrow

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Where is training heading in the future? We know that the label training has become obsolete, even though it was used in the title of my book, The Art and Science of Training. The term talent development more closely defines what we do today.

While I certainly do not have a crystal ball, we can all agree that change is on the horizon. For instance, many experts agree that there will not be as much of an emphasis on “programs”; instead “experiences” will be designed for employees. It also will be important to help employees learn how to learn, so preparing them to take responsibility for their own development will be necessary. In addition, trainers need to be experts in the essentials that cognitive science has uncovered, such as chunking, spacing, testing, and other techniques that ensure learners learn quickly and retain information longer.


Clearly, your success in the future will depend on how well you adapt to the situation and your learners’ needs. During my session at ATD’s 2017 Core 4 Conference,we will discuss what you really need to know now to master your training role. We will explore what skills and knowledge will best serve you today and prepare you for your next role in the profession.

In the meantime, these questions provide potential challenges for your personal growth and development:

  • What is your dream for the future of your organization? For your department? For you? 
  • What current approaches does your organization use that are the most effective for developing employees? 
  • What do you think your department should do more of to develop employees? 
  • What do you think your department should do less of to develop employees? 
  • How does the concept of a culture of learning fit with the rest of the discussion in this chapter? 
  • What new skills are the people working in your learning function building in preparation for the future? 
  • Can you see why the term employee could soon be obsolete?

I hope to see you in San Diego for ATD 2018 where I will be speaking on a number of these topics!

About the Author
Elaine Biech, president of ebb associates inc, a strategic implementation, leadership development, and experiential learning consulting firm, has been in the field for thirty years helping organizations work through large-scale change. She has presented at dozens of national and international conferences and has been featured in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Harvard Management Update, Investors Business Daily, and Fortune Magazine. She is the author and editor of over 50 books including the ASTD Hand Book for Workplace Learning Professionals, ASTD Leadership Handbook, 10 Steps to Successful Training, The Ultimate Trainer, Thriving Through Change, The Business of Consulting, 2nd ed., and Training for Dummies. A long time volunteer for ASTD, she has served on ASTD's National Board of Directors, was the recipient of the 1992 ASTD Torch Award, the 2004 ASTD Volunteer Staff Partnership Award, and the 2006 Gordon Bliss Memorial Award. Elaine was instrumental in compiling the CPLP study guides and has designed five ASTD Certificate Programs. In addition to her work with ASTD, she has served on the Independent Consultants Association's (ICA) Advisory Committee and on the Instructional Systems Association (ISA) board of directors.
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