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ATD Career Week 2018 Helps You Take Charge of Your Career

Friday, September 14, 2018

Once again, ATD Career Week is upon us! This week we have packed content across three major channels on our site to help you dial up and take charge of your career.

We hear it time and time again—it’s all about who you know. Networking can be a huge part of getting ahead in your career. Creating strategic connections while perfecting your craft can skyrocket you into your dream job, create new career paths, or establish staying power in your current organization. This week we will take an in-depth look at networking—what types of relationships you need to get ahead, how to exude executive presence when networking, and who to network with to get ahead in your career.

But Career Week doesn’t end with networking; we are offering content across a number of points to help you take your career to the next level—from personal branding to negotiating your salary and finding the fit in your career. Take a look below for what you can expect during ATD Career Week 2018.

Monday, September 24*
Talent development expert and author Vivian Blade kicks off Career Week with a bang of a blog post. In this post, Blade will discuss three proactive strategies to put you in control of your own reputation—a critical aspect of building professional relationships that will help skyrocket you to success.

Tuesday, September 25
Visit the ATD Podcast page and listen to our podcast with Whitney Johnson, author of Build an A Team and Disrupt Yourself. Johnson explains the “S” curve in one’s career that she describes in her latest book. She also talks about how and when you know you’ve hit your career peak and it’s time to move on to a new career, organization, or position (or even retirement).

Wednesday, September 26
Online and mobile anywhere/anytime learning options put personalized content and self-directed development in the hands of individuals. But leveraging those capabilities to become a lifelong learner is an active choice. Join Carol Morrison, senior research analyst with i4cp, for her webcast ATD Research: Lifelong Learning and Self-Directed Learning, at 2 p.m. ET.


Head to the My Careers topic page to find a blog post on how to be a strategic networker by Dan Schwartz, university relations specialist with BKD. Schwartz provides expert information on how to build a network, where to find people to meet, and what you should say when networking.

While you are being strategic about your career, don’t miss our podcast with Marilyn Feldstein, founder and president of Career Choices Unlimited, on negotiating your salary and benefits. In this podcast, we cover knowing how and when to negotiate when offered a new job, as well as how and when to negotiate your current standing in your current organization.

Thursday, September 27
About 30 percent of American workers view their jobs as a “just a job to get them by,” rather than a position in their career path. Amy Dinning, learning and development manager at ARRIS, presents her 1 p.m. ET webcast, Finding Your Fit, to show you how to find your career fit. Stop doing a job you are just doing to get by and find something more fulfilling! Dinning helps you identify your strengths and motivators and analyze your current position, and shows you how to create a fit at your current or future organization.

Before you leave the site, read Wendy Terwelp’s blog post on personal branding blunders. Terwelp, president of Opportunity Knocks and author of Rock Your Network series, will help you skirt away from common mistakes people make online and show you how to make yourself more professional on the web.

Friday, September 28
In your career, you want to get known and get ahead. Michelle Tillis Lederman, CEO of Executive Essentials, is going to present this exact topic during her webcast Get Known. Get Connected. Get Ahead: Personal Connection for Professional Results at 2 p.m. ET on the last day of Career Week. Be sure to sign up ahead of time for this webcast, where you will learn the correlation between relationships and promotion, hiring and business results, as well as how to ask for what you want and much more.

Jeff Davidson, MBA, CMC, author and speaker, closes out Career Week with a precise blog post on reasons for hiring a career coach—15 of them, in fact! A proponent and frequent client of career coaches, Davidson tells you the benefits to using a career coach for your personal and professional life.

*The webcast previously scheduled for Monday at 1 p.m. has been moved to October 24.

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Lisa Spinelli is the Content Manager for the Career Development and Finance communities as well as the ATD Job Bank administrator. Prior to joining ATD, Lisa worked as a content strategist, editor, and journalist for over 14 years. She has managed teams, websites, and social media accounts as well as reported and edited articles for places like America's Blood Centers,, Red Herring, the Boston Phoenix and Patch. Some of her works have been published with Fast Company, Huffington Post, Mental Floss, Northern Virginia Magazine, Houston Chronicle, St. Louis Post-Dispatch and the Associated Press, to name a few. With her diverse and inside knowledge of content development and creation, along with content acquisition, management and marketing, Lisa brings a fresh unique perspective to the role. She resides in Northern Virginia with her three divas and Air Force veteran husband. Follow her on Twitter @atdcareerdev.

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How timely that Vivian Blade identified reputation. The Judge Kavanaugh news is a big time example. Also strategic networking is a useful concept. Sometimes networking can get out of hand with way too many connections to mange. Identifying what is immediate and important enhances effectiveness.
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