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Best Types of Video for Sales Enablement

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

We all know video is trending in sales, but do you know exactly how to use it? Here are a few real-world examples to implement a competitive video strategy within your sales organization. Which will you use to get started?

Sales Training

Using video for sales training will refresh your program, and jump-start interaction. Say goodbye to traditional classroom settings where you’re wasting way too much of your budget with scheduling, travel, and accommodations for your team. Instead, picture a training program that reps can access from anywhere.

Use short video learning modules on a mobile application to keep your reps engaged no matter where they are. And save big on all those traditional training costs too. Check out five tips for choosing the right learning technology to get started.

Content Creation

Video is trending everywhere, not just in sales. People prefer watching videos over reading traditional materials. Your sales reps prefer it, and your potential customers do too. Instead of doling out the old case studies, revamp your sales collateral with video.

Turn a case study document into an animated video, or turn a testimonial quote into a personal interview. Your content will get more engagement and your company will appear more forward thinking.


Set your reps up for success by giving them the right video recording tools to prep for their demos. Avoid technology glitches by having sales reps pre-record the live portion of their sales demo with screen capture technology. Then have them quickly edit the video to personalize it with the prospect’s logo and other information.


Using recorded demos will allow your reps to provide a better user experience for prospects, and avoid wasting their time with annoying technology glitches.

Sales Coaching

Sales coaching is one of the most effective things you can do for your team. But where do you find the time? Using video for sales coaching will allow you to continue to deliver a personal touch for each of your reps, while optimizing the process.

Use video technology like LearnCore’s Mobile Manager App to send immediate feedback on video submissions for training opportunities like pitch practice. Sending feedback from anywhere will allow you to coach reps more efficiently, and they’ll probably enjoy it more too.


Use video to get your reps revved up about sales. Video is a great way to beef up team competitions, and get your reps excited about improving their game. Consider a demo or pitch competition where each sales rep submits their best recording for grading. You can provide feedback and scoring, or you could even get team members involved in feedback to push the learning curve even more.

Video has a place in nearly every aspect of sales; you just need to figure out how to use it. Start using new video technologies to boost engagement, improve learning, and keep your competitive edge.

Want to learn more? Join Vishal Shah at ATD TechKnowledge 2018 for the session Using Video to Improve Sales Productivity and Performance, which is part of the Platform & Tools track.

About the Author
Mike Hyatt is director of sales development at LearnCore.
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