Engage Modern Buyers With Consultative Selling

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Modern buyers may have more options than ever before, but they are less equipped to make a decision and more likely to stick with the status quo. Enter consultative selling. 

According to sales training and sales coaching company Richardson, a consultative selling approach can help salespeople cut through the noise and lead their customers to clarity. That’s because the customer’s needs come first. In fact, the Richardson article “Defining the Consultative Selling Approach and Process” says that “needs are identified through a combination of preparation and effective probing and drilling-down into customer answers.” 

In other words, this approach uses strategic questioning skills to engage in a dialogue with a client. Salespeople using a consultative approach must constantly request feedback and use that information to ask the even more questions at the right times. “This ensures both parties are communicating and understanding each-other effectively,” says Richardson. 


The article notes that there are four primary techniques that mark a consultative salesperson:


  • They ask more questions.
  • They provide customized vs. vs. generic solutions.
  • Their calls are more interactive.
  • They provide insights to their prospects and customers. 

“The ability to effectively engage in a sales dialogue is a skill developed through consistent practice,” reminds Richardson. 
To learn more about how to employ an effective consultative selling approach, join Richardson Senior Training Consultant Adele Carter for the August 8 webcast, Adjusting Your Consultative Selling Approach to Engage the Modern Buyer. You will explore buyer psychology and the neuroscience and behavioral science behind how people form impressions, make judgments, and arrive at decisions. In the meantime, check out this short video from Richardson detailing the importance of dialogue in consultative selling.

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