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New Competency Model Defines Areas of Expertise for Sales Enablement Professionals

Friday, June 5, 2015

To be sure, there are many definitions for sales enablement—to reflect the varying priorities and scope of the sales role within individual organizations. Likewise, sales enablement can live in many different departments. This begs the question: What are the specific needs sales enablement must fulfill? 

Indeed, with so many variances, sales enablement cuts a wide path. Professionals need a roadmap to ensure they are moving in a right direction. The New ATD World-Class Sales Competency Model™ outlines the five key Areas of Expertise (AOEs) for the sales enablement function. 

Keep in mind that not every sales enablement professional will or must master all of these AOEs. On one hand, there are sales enablement specialists (sales coaches, sales recruiters, sales compensation analysts, CRM administrators, and so forth). On the other hand, there are sales enablement generalists, who despite dabbling more on some sales enablement AOEs than others, poses a general awareness of all the sales enablement AOEs and leverage that awareness to bring a more well-rounded approach to their role. 


Based on in-depth research from 295 professionals in the field worldwide and across various industries, and taking into consideration the slew of definitions out there, ATD sees sales enablement as collaborating across functions to promote sales success through these five specific areas: 

  1. Sales Talent Selection
  2. Sales Talent Development
  3. Sales Tool and Process Improvement
  4. Sales Coaching
  5. Sales Incentive and Compensations Design.

ATD WCSCM_Role Group 3_Sales Enablement (Highlighted)
Bottom line: Regardless of your internal job description, department, boss, or title, as a sales enablement professional, you undoubtedly work to support the sales organization and collaborate with multiple departments to get your job done. Satisfying these five Areas of Expertise will help your organizations achieve sales success. 

To learn more, join me June 11 for the webcast The New ATD World-Class Sales Competency Model. We will examine key trends and emerging sales practices shaping the sales profession and their impact on the competencies needed by sales professionals and explore how you can leverage the new model for selecting, hiring, assessing, and continuously developing sales talent. 

About the Author

Roxy Torres is a former senior manager at ATD, where she ran the FIRE, sales enablement, and government content areas. For the Sales Enablement Community, Roxy spearheaded the 2015 update of the ATD World-Class Sales Competency Model. Prior to joining ATD, Roxy held various roles in business development and sales enablement at CEB (now Gartner).

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