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Prepare to Be Captivated!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Adobe Captivate has been my favorite interactive e-learning tool since the first version way back in 2004. 

No other program has consistently provided the level of interactivity and flexibility that Captivate offers – which is why it has been the number one industry standard authoring tool for so many years. The only challenge with Captivate has been its reputation for having a steep learning curve when compared with other authoring tools. That is to be expected with such a rich tool! 

Luckily, I will be your guide as you work through all the wonderful nuances of this program, in the Adobe Captivate Certificate Program from ATD. 

Where will we start? At the very beginning, of course. No experience needed. 


Where will we end? With you being able to create a fully interactive e-learning module of your own. 

We will start with an in-depth introduction to the Captivate interface. This will help you avoid the confusion that many users experience when trying to figure out the program on their own. You will gain a deep understanding of how the interface is organized and why certain features are grouped together. You will then learn how to create a new project and work with images and Smart Shapes.  


After this, we will immediately jump into creating soft skills e-learning. You will record screen actions (for simulations), add captions, adjust timing, and use and modify styles. Of course, you will use pointers, paths, boxes, buttons, and audio along the way—all of which serve to make your e-learning module interactive and engaging for your learners. 

You will be carefully guided through advanced topics, such as branching and aggregating, masters, themes, and templates. You will also make a quiz and publish your module in a variety of ways. 

This is a hands-on class. We will all be working together in WebEx and in Captivate—with each of you displaying your screens along the way. You will each get the opportunity to drive the demonstrations as I step you through each area of the program. All of you will be working actively in the program. 

So, come prepared to participate, experiment, have fun, and to be captivated by Captivate!

About the Author

Karin Rex is a pioneer in online learning, having been involved in the industry since 1996 as a course developer and instructor for a variety of online learning institutions. Karin is a certified synchronous facilitator, designer and producer with a master’s degree in professional writing. Karin is also an adjunct professor of writing for both Penn State and DeVry Universities. Karin is a nationally known facilitator specializing equally in soft skills (sales and marketing) and technical skills (proprietary and general software and Internet). Since 1989, Karin has owned Geeky Girl, LLC (formerly ComputerEase), a training and technical writing company based in southeastern Pennsylvania, where she devotes her time to writing, course development (elearning, synchronous and traditional), consulting, teaching, and speaking. Karin is the author of several technology-related books, including the following: Office 2010 Demystified (McGraw-Hill), Internet Search Techniques (Ziff-Davis Publishing), The Internet Illuminated (Skillpath Publications), and Computers in Clinical Practice (American College of Physicians). In addition to her books, Karin has also written hundreds of user guides, reference manuals, tutorials and course manuals for a wide variety of clients.

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