Q&A: Makings of a Master Instructional Designer

Thursday, May 29, 2014


With the launch of Master Instructional Designer™ at ATD 2014, we've received more than a few questions from practitioners wondering whether the program is right for them. I had a Q&A session with my colleague Shana Campbell with ATD Education to answer some of these questions. Take a look below, and determine whether Master Instructional Designer™ is the right move for your career.

Q: What made ATD decide to make  the next installment in the Master series?

A: Instructional design was a natural transition from stand-up training and delivery, and also a great stepping stone for those wanting more after completing the Designing Learning Certificate Program.

Q: What’s the difference between MISD and a certificate program or CPLP?


A: While Master Instructional Designer™ is a  certificate program, it is also a well-rounded, assessment-based program to help participants demonstrate mastery in the Instructional Design Area of Expertise. Participants must complete a knowledge assessment and learning work project, in addition to an elective program on their way to earning the designation. A general certificate program offers an opportunity to gain the knowledge on a specific topic; however, there isn’t a requirement to demonstrate application on the subject.  Lastly, CPLP is a certification that requires successful completion of a knowledge exam and work product.  Once the certification is earned, you must complete continuing education units and re-certify every three years.

Q: Is there an ideal place in my career track where Master Instructional Designer™ would make a good fit with my needs?

A: Absolutely. The Master Instructional Designer™ program is best suited for designers with three or more years of experience in course development. It is also a natural progression for those individuals who have completed the Designing Learning Certificate program. 


Q: How else do I know if Master Instructional Designer™ is right for me?

A: If you are an instructional designer and fundamentally sound in course development, this course will help you get beyond the basics, to creating more engaging and effective learning solutions.

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