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Reinvent Your Career for the Gig Economy: A Conversation With Dorie Clark

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Podcast: Q&A with Dorie Clark

The Motley Fool reported nearly four in every 10 Americans has a side hustle. Having a side hustle not only increases your take-home income, it can also grow into your dream job opportunity.


“It's a difficult profession to get into, and it seemed like a pipe dream for her to immediately give up her job,” notes Clark.

Over the course of those 10 years as a hairdresser, Fripp slowly invested in herself and her professional development. She began speaking more, at first for free, and then for a little bit of money. By the time her lease was up at the salon, she was earning as much from her speaking as she was from the hairdresser business.


“She was able to shut it down and walk away with no qualms, because she had built the life she wanted for herself,” says Clark.

And that story gets to the root asset people need to have (or develop) if they want to create a side hustle: confidence. People need to feel confident so they can make strategic career moves. Being an entrepreneur is for anybody who’s willing to make the effort and have that confidence, said Clark.


I spoke with Clark—professional speaker, author, and frequent contributor to the Harvard Business Review, Entrepreneur, and TD magazine—about her new book and what it takes to create this side hustle.

Listen to the podcast above to get more of Clark’s advice on shifting your career mindset to a more entrepreneurial style, how to mitigate risk and position yourself to seize more opportunities, and the three steps you need to take to become a thought leader in your field and succeed in the gig economy.

If you are interested in learning more about building multiple income streams and becoming successful in the gig economy, Dorie is offering a free 88-question Entrepreneurial You Self-Assessment to help you think through how to build a portfolio career.

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