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Seller Collaboration Increases Effectiveness—the Core of Sales Enablement

Monday, September 23, 2019

There is no doubt that ensuring sellers are more effective is the core of sales enablement. But what ensures this effectiveness? Knowledge and skill from experience? Tools and processes? Customer data and insight?

Sellers are expected to perform at constantly increasing levels while support, tools, and training do not necessarily keep pace. The remedy requires sellers, managers, and technology providers to come together to evolve practices and tools.

Large discrepancies exist in the skill and subsequent performance of sellers within an organization. A key element in minimizing this discrepancy and lifting the performance of sellers is collaboration. Sharing best practices, asking peers’ questions, and even reviewing wins and losses can factor into a positive outcome. Whether outperforming or struggling, working together boosts effectiveness.

Merriam-Webster defines collaboration as “to work jointly with others or together especially in an intellectual endeavor.” This wording sounds simple; however, the cultures at many sales organizations do not support the idea. We cannot deny the existence of cultures where sellers operate independently, protecting their competitive advantage to preserve position. Competitive spirit drives sellers. The key is healthy competition, where sellers strive for their goals while also collaborating with peers, lifting each member and the organization.


Let’s say a seller receives an objection they have never encountered. Rather than go at it alone, they should ask their peers their thoughts on the situation. It is likely another seller has had to navigate that same objection, and by sharing their approach and result, everyone becomes better. Perhaps the result was undesirable—this may prevent the current seller from making the same mistake. Alternatively, if the result was outstanding, our seller now has a greater chance of succeeding.


Beyond culture, technology plays a key role in collaboration. The right tools can overcome time zone and geographic challenges by keeping sellers connected, maximizing collaboration, and ultimately helping them sell more effectively.

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About the Author

As director of marketing at Rehearsal, Andrew Sizelove is responsible for thought leadership and implementation for brand, product, industry partnership, and digital strategies. From product development in orthopedic medical device early in his career, he quickly jumped into product management, marketing, and sales. Having had sales responsibility himself, he has built, trained, and supported sales teams with a solid understanding of the role and its challenges.

Beyond multiple U.S. patents, and over 1,000 live surgeries as a subject matter expert, the highlight of Andrew’s career was his pivotal role in positioning Synvasive Technology for acquisition by Zimmer in 2012 (now Zimmer Biomet). After the acquisition he lead the transition work to fully incorporate Synvasive’s products into Zimmer’s portfolio and provide training and support for their sales force.

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