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Take Control of Your Mobile Learning

Monday, February 3, 2020

As people continue to spend the bulk of their time on smartphones, mobile devices have quickly become the most popular vehicle for delivering content.

As with other industries, the learning and development sector has taken note and homed in on mobile learning experiences in hopes of increasing engagement and providing learning in the flow of work.

With the demand for mobile learning experiences firmly in place, admins are doubling the time they normally spend creating learning programs in an attempt to extend their desktop environments to mobile. As the creation of mobile learning environments usually requires external coding resources, administering a successful platform can begin to feel like too big of a task to undertake.

Luckily, there is a way to implement a mobile learning strategy that’s as easy for you to build as it is for your learners to consume. Learning technology providers have begun to empower L&D professionals to create mobile learning interfaces with drag-and-drop, widget-based features.

Here’s what you can expect:

Different Device, Same Experience

With the ability to build mobile learning interfaces yourself, you can easily streamline the learning experience on desktop or mobile by synchronizing menus so that learners experience a familiar interface on any device.


Similar to your internal platform, you can create a different experience for those with multiple teams or external partners. Whether you choose to customize desktop and mobile platforms or streamline them, you are empowered to create the right environment for your learners.

Paired with a mobile app builder, your customizable interface allows for more structural autonomy when creating mobile apps, ensuring they’re easy to navigate for multiple audiences.

The Need for Speed (of Deployment)

We all know that if you want to do a job properly (and quickly) you have to do it yourself—and now you can. You no longer have to waste time and resources waiting for a third party to build your mobile platform for you.


Mobile learning interface builders allow you to quickly manufacture a learning tool that drives traffic, engagement, and knowledge retention in the way that your learners respond best. The sooner you can get effective content to your learners, the quicker they will be able to apply new knowledge within their daily tasks.

Similarly, by channeling your time into performance improvement instead of focusing on your mobile app interface, you can home in on the needs of your learners so that they are able to produce results more quickly and effectively than ever.

Create Seamless Learning Experiences

To enable on-the-go learning, a tool that helps you create your own mobile learning interface is the best way to quickly drive engagement and performance. Outdated solutions for mobile learning just won’t cut it in our fast-paced world.

Get the most out of your mobile learning strategy by giving yourself the flexibility to create the multidevice learning experience that your employees, partners, and customers need.

Want to see the full range of a mobile learning interface builder? Join us for a demo at ATD TechKnowledge 2020!

About the Author

Sarah Casteel is a content contributor at Docebo, an AI powered learning platform. As a jack of all trades, Sarah is unpacking every avenue of the business, and loves putting it on paper.

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