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Why Sales Training and Coaching Are Needed

Thursday, September 17, 2020
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Olympic athletes train for hours, conditioning their minds and bodies to achieve peak performance. But this physical training alone is not enough. To reach their full potential, athletes need ongoing coaching. From correcting their form to optimizing their training program, sports coaches play an indisputable role in athletes’ successes.

Sales is no different. A rep may be ready to hit the ground running with effective sales training, but without the guidance that comes from continuous sales coaching, their newfound skills and knowledge can quickly atrophy.

Training and coaching are even more critical for remote teams and require leaders to reimagine how to communicate information, keep teams engaged, and ensure their sellers have the skills necessary to delight customers and drive revenue. Let’s take a closer look at the importance of implementing training and coaching to benefit your organization today and in the future.

Drive Behavioral Change

Many sales managers train their teams on a new topic then end it. This fatal error of investing solely in training to check the box could be why more than a quarter of reps say their training has little or no effect.

If you want your team to achieve top performance, you need to train for knowledge and coach for reinforcement and application. The perfect combination of training and coaching drives behavioral change. Reps can take what they learned and put it into action in the field.

Technology plays a key part in effectively delivering programs that lead to behavioral change. Companies with a sales enablement function have rates of overall training effectiveness 29 percent higher than other companies. What’s more, the State of Sales Enablement 2020 report found that teams that leverage digital platforms for sales training efforts experience win rates that are 5 percentage points higher than those that do not use a tool.


Elevate Customer Experience

With today’s B2C companies like Amazon and Spotify setting the bar for personalized experiences, modern buyers expect brands to know them. These expectations have carried over into the B2B world.

To delight customers, salespeople must provide a tailored experience from the first touch and onward. This means they must have a deep understanding of customers’ pain points, challenges, and how to solve them.

Training is essential for arming reps with the knowledge they need to provide buyers with value, and coaching is crucial for developing, mentoring, and supporting reps to bring their skills to life in the field. An effective training and coaching program sets up reps for success and ensures a better customer experience as salespeople become trusted advisors who tailor every customer conversation.


Improve Performance and Increase Retention

Training salespeople can be expensive, but the cost of an untrained sales team is even greater. Consistent training and coaching can turn B performers into top performers, firing up sales ROI. But that’s not all—investing in your salespeople translates to more successful and satisfied sellers, higher retention rates, and less budget spent on hiring and onboarding new talent.

When employees feel invested personally and professionally they are more likely to grow with a company. Targeted, one-on-one coaching provides reps with the support system they need to learn, progress, and achieve their full potential. This support is especially vital in a remote world where gaps can widen unless bridges are built.

Invest Today for a Better Tomorrow

If you haven’t already committed to implementing a modern virtual training and coaching program, make the commitment now. In changing times, an effective program will help you prepare your team to succeed as the world inevitably evolves.

To learn more about how you can reimagine your training and coaching program, visit Highspot’s virtual booth during ATD’s SELL Conference, and in the meantime, read the Ultimate Guide to Sales Coaching.

About the Author

Beginning her career at Highspot in sales, Kendall Michaud’s passion for leadership development, people, and innovative technology led her to sales enablement. Now, Kendall leads the revenue enablement team at Highspot. This team sits at the center of all customer-facing teams to empower them with the most effective knowledge and content. In this role, Kendall strategically partners with key leaders across the business to define enablement priorities that accelerate business growth.

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