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High Potentials Are Worth the Investment
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High Potentials Are Worth the Investment

Listen to two executives' perspectives on how to invest in high-potential employees.

Companies concerned about having the talent they need for the future often engage in programs geared toward developing high-potential employees. These workers, also referred to as HIPOs, show ambition, dedication, determination, outstanding job performance, and technical expertise that helps them succeed in their industry or role.

As companies pinpoint these employees' potential, they invest in training and development programs designed specifically to boost their leadership skills. But how do organizations identify HIPOs? What are successful programs doing to enhance and enrich HIPOs while also engaging the rest of the workforce? What practices and attributes are common to programs that fail?

CTDO recently spoke with two individuals for their perspectives on this topic.

Chuck Berke

CTDO Winter 2020 Chuck Berke.jpg

Chuck Berke is author of High-Potentials' Boot Camp: The Ultimate Playbook for Winning at Work.

He finds that HIPOs represent the most optimistic possibilities for their companies' future—which is why investing in their development and coaching is so important. Berke warns that employees not selected for HIPO programs can become disillusioned, so companies need to find alternative ways to invest in their development too.


Brian Kropp

CTDO Winter 2020 Brian Kropp

Brian Kropp is group vice president and chief of HR Research at Gartner. 

He points out that HIPO programs have two goals: Prepare a future pipeline of leaders and retain a company's best workers. Gartner finds that, to make these programs more effective, modern HIPO programs are embedding L&D experiences into real-world projects and blurring the lines on who participates.



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