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Priming Hybrid Team Managers

Friday, July 15, 2022

Many headlines opine that while employers want workers to return to the office, employees are dragging their heels. Hybrid work models that have emerged during the past two years seem the likely compromise.

The Association for Talent Development defines a hybrid team as one where a manager oversees employees who work from a central office or location as well as employees who work remotely at another location. It can also include workers who rotate between being in the office or at another location, such as individuals who work in the central office three days a week and remotely two days a week.


According to recent research from McKinsey, the majority of organizations expect their number of hybrid teams to either remain the same or increase in the next five years. But are managers prepared to lead and oversee hybrid teams for the long term? What do they need to excel?

of leaders fear productivity has been negatively affected since the shift to hybrid work.
of leaders are concerned new employees aren’t getting the support they need in hybrid or remote work.
of managers say relationship-building is the greatest challenge in hybrid and remote work but one worth prioritizing.
of organizations provide courses, assets, or programs specifically on remote or virtual management.
of employers offer hybrid managers training on best practices for conducting effective hybrid team meetings and how to use specific communication and work technologies in a hybrid setting.
1 in 10
businesses provides hybrid managers training on how to onboard new employees on a hybrid team.
of companies provide hybrid team managers training on coaching employees in a different location, compared to 67% of managers with employees in the same location.
Sources: Developing Hybrid Teams: Combining Office and Remote Work, ATD Research, 2022; Great Expectations: Making Hybrid Work Work, Microsoft Work Trend Index, 2022

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