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6 Benefits of Mobile Performance Support Systems

Thursday, June 15, 2023

A mobile performance support system (MPSS) provides employees with in-the-moment assistance with job tasks anytime, anywhere. Given research on its effectiveness is limited, Yao Huang, senior instructional designer at the University of Michigan School of Public Health, focused her doctoral dissertation on the topic. These benefits are among the findings from Huang's study. Huang's research earned her ATD's 2023 Dissertation Award.

1. Boosts performance


The study found that workers using an MPSS aren't restricted to a single location, and an MPSS helps employees complete highly complex tasks in dynamic contexts.

2. Builds confidence

Interviewees agreed that an MPSS boosted novice workers' confidence, enabling them to stay with a job longer and perform tasks without assistance from experienced workers.

3. Encourages professional satisfaction

Study participants revealed that an MPSS alleviates worker burdens, such as pressure, anxieties, stress, and long working hours.

4. Increases return on investment

Results show that an MPSS helps improve efficiency, lower costs, manage content, and support learning.


5. Manages corporate knowledge

Interviewees explained that an MPSS aids in creating standard processes, capturing knowledge of subject matter experts, and sharing knowledge across departments.

6. Enhances organizational reputation

Respondents claimed that, after adopting an MPSS, customers, business partners, and peers considered those companies to be innovative and able to adopt technology to meet their needs.

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