October 2023
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3 Critical Elements of a Successful DEI Program

Monday, October 2, 2023

To ensure your company's diversity, equity, and inclusion work evolves, it must be accessible, actionable, and sustainable.

1. Accessible


The workforce must see DEI as a function supporting all identities, similarities, and differences. Provide learning and programming that intrinsically motivate employees to develop the mindset and skills needed to uniquely contribute to the organizational culture.

2. Actionable

Key influencers foster DEI with unambiguous prioritization. Senior leadership must clearly communicate why DEI is critical to organizational success, especially in challenging times. Their communications send signals that are clearly distinguishable from platitudes.


3. Sustainable

DEI must be tied to organizational purpose. When it is, it becomes normalized. Also, the organization will create value that transcends profit alone.

About the Author

Amri B. Johnson, author; Reconstructing Inclusion: Making DEI Accessible, Actionable, and Sustainable; CEO and Founder, Inclusion Wins.

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