April 2024
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3 Steps to Drive Continuous Learning

Monday, April 1, 2024

Research shows it takes at least seven repetitions for a learner to remember information and 40 repetitions to influence behavior change. Reinforce your learning programs to drive life-changing impact.

1. Silent reflection for action


Create two or three prompts throughout the program and allot time for learners to reflect and write down action steps. Store the action steps in an always-accessible place.

2. Prompts in the flow of work

After a training session, send weekly, one-sentence prompts via a tool the learners use daily, such as Microsoft Teams, to spark reflection on their chosen action steps.


3. Reminders for reinforcement

A few days after each weekly prompt, post a brief (three or four sentences) reminder of key learnings via the same tool in the learners' workflow.

About the Author

Kirsten Moorefield, Cofounder and Chief Operating Officer, Cloverleaf.

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